AMBER ALERT: Relisha Rudd is still missing. Her alleged abductor, Khalil Tatum’s body was found in Kenilworth Park yesterday. They say he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Time is of the essence but Jesus IS so please pray that Relisha is found safe. Pray for this little girl and all little boys and girls who are vulnerable to this kind of evil. I was coming home on the bus yesterday and this little boy sat by himself in front of me. This older man sat down next to him and gave him this weird look. I kept my eye on them both and leaned forward every now and then to make sure the man’s hands were still in his own lap. He kept turning to this child and looking at him really strange. We all went to get off the bus at the same stop - the man took the front of the bus exit, however, and the little boy and I took the back door exit. Before the little boy got up, I asked him if the man bothered him. He said no. I said “he was looking at you kinda creepy, huh?” And the little boy gave me this look as if to say “You noticed that too?” and he answerd “yes”. So I let him walk off the bus first and told him to get home safe. I watched as he and the man both walked in the same direction. The little boy was ahead of this man. They were walking down the end of E street that I don’t live - and that I don’t pass through unless I’m in a car - but I still followed and then I asked a woman who was headed in the same direction if she would look out for the little boy. I pointed out the boy and the man and told her that the man was looking at the child very strangely. She followed them both. All you can do is pray for folks. There is so much evil in this world. So many demons among us. It’s scary and exhausting. All you want to do is live and be happy - not walk around worried and afraid for children and not trusting adults to be decent. But you can’t live in fear. The best you can do is pray and try your best to look out for the children that are around you.